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Jahvaundres,” - a transcendent NFT collection that harmonizes art, legacy, and brotherhood. This collection is not just a tribute; it’s a living, animated testament to my twin brother Jahvaun and the mark we left on the fashion landscape through our cherished brand, Dracarrj Supply Co.

In the heart of “Jahvaundres” resides the soul-stirring narrative of our shared dream, encapsulated in 10,000 unique NFTs. Each digital masterpiece is a vibrant thread in the tapestry of our brotherhood, intricately woven to dynamically illustrate the journey we embarked on together. As my passion for art spilled into the Web3 realm two years ago, I found a profound way to honor and preserve Jahvaun’s legacy.

Crafting these artworks personally, I created each piece with a shared symbolism. The iconic split-faced look serves as a visual metaphor of the unity between Jahvaunand Andre- two distinct entities that seamlessly become one, creating the moniker “Jahvaundre,”. Born out of the necessity to distinguish between uniquely individual twins.

Dracarrj, our clothing brand, is not merely a label but a living legacy founded by Jahvaun and Andre Carriere. Rooted in the unwavering principles of Family, Loyalty, and Ambition, the very name “Dracarrj” is a linguistic fusion representing our shared identity and purpose.

 Jahvaun’s visionary spirit is forever etched in our brand, with “Family, Loyalty, Ambition” tattooed over his heart. This ethos permeates every thread and design, shaping Dracarrj into more than just a clothing brand, it’s a testament to our shared dreams and values. In 2014, tragedy struck with Jahvaun’s passing, an event that only intensified our resolve. The legacy became a torch passed on, urging us to continue the journey he initiated.

Jahvaundres” is more than an NFT collection; it’s another profound way to honor my twin brother’s memory. It invites you to partake in a story that transcends the boundaries of pixels, lines, and time- a narrative that celebrates art, brotherhood, and the timeless values of Family, Loyalty, and Ambition. Join us in preserving and perpetuating this legacy.



The Shuttle

In the year 2076, the echoes of the past still reverberate as the great nation of America stands tall, having birthed countless creators, 

innovators, and leaders. Among them, the one known as Andre, a visionary whose destiny intertwined with his twin brother, Jahvaun. The legends spoke of their combined forces bringing fame and fortune to those who believed, yet tragedy struck prematurely, tearing Jahvaun from the earthly realm.

In the wake of this loss, Andre, guided by the whispers of destiny, embarked on a mission to reunite with his brother. Four mortals, deemed worthy by Andre, were summoned to forge a vessel capable of transcending the known boundaries of existence. This vessel, a cosmic ship, would serve as a bridge between worlds and a beacon of hope to fulfill the prophecy.

As they embarked on their interstellar quest, each planet they encountered unfolded new chapters in their cosmic journey. Each member discovered the remnants of life forms, artifacts, and energies that became the inspiration for distinct NFT collections. These collections, crafted by the members themselves, are part of the greater Jahvaundres legacy, serving as artifacts of discovery and enlightenment.

The holders of the Jahvaundres NFTs, the faithful supporters of this cosmic odyssey, benefit from exclusive access to these collections. Each NFT represents a piece of the cosmic narrative, a fragment of the journey that can be owned, cherished, and traded within the digital realms. As the holders contribute to the unfolding story, they become not just collectors but custodians of a legacy that spans the cosmos, with the promise of uniting two brothers across the vast expanse of space and time.




The "one of two" looking to find his twin brother with the help of his team. 

The Oracle

The Oracle

A sage renowned for wisdom, believed to glimpse into the future. His visions provided the roadmap for the mission, guiding the team through the cosmic tapestry of the unknown.

The Muscle 

The MuscleA powerhouse capable of achieving feats deemed impossible. Tasked with shouldering the weight of the mission, he carried the essential materials to construct the cosmic ship, embodying strength and resilience.

The Great Fisherman

The Fishermanvirtuoso of CODE, conversing with the language of computers like an ancient bard. His ability to create sustainable life through AI breathed digital vitality into the cosmic journey.

The Pilot 


The Pilot

An ex-astronaut, disillusioned by the hidden truths of space, sought the freedom to explore beyond earthly confines. With newfound purpose, the Pilot became the celestial navigator, steering the ship toward the realms beyond.

  The Engineer

The EngineerCrafted by the Great Fisherman, the Engineer emerged as the most intelligent AI known to humankind. Programmed to maintain the ship and explore new planets, this digital steward played a pivotal role in the success of the cosmic odyssey.



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Set Up Your Wallet:

Ensure you have a compatible crypto wallet with sufficient ETH.

The wallet could be hosted, non-custodial, or hardware - 

whatever you already use.


Find Contract Address:

Locate the contract address: 0xd3d0c5B5a1c45219383975F29253Efeb147E72D9.


Explore Minting Details:

On the Jahvaundres discord, find details about minting, 

including the minting price of 0.04 ETH.


Initiate Minting:

Follow the instructions on the website to mint the NFT.

Use your wallet to confirm the minting transaction.


Enjoy Digital Ownership:

Once minted, your NFT represents a unique piece of the cosmic 

narrative. As a holder, you gain exclusive access to special 

collections, merch and discounts inspired by cosmic discoveries.


Understand Digital Ownership Transparency:

Blockchain technology ensures transparency and traceability.

The contract address (0xd3d0c5B5a1c45219383975F29253Efeb147E72D9) is a digital 

record of ownership.


Mint date: 

03.15.24 2AM EST