Our Story

Dracarrj is a Clothing supply brand established by Jahvaun and Andre Carriere, two twins with the goal of having a clothing brand that represents our slogan Family, Loyalty, Ambition. The word Dracarrj (Druh-Car-Jah) was created after countless times trying finding the right earthly word to represent our brand became unsuccessful. Dracarrj is a combination of our names. Dra for Dre, Carr for Carriere and J for Jahvaun. The slogan came from Jahvaun, one day he decided to get a tattoo over his heart with a skull and underneath a 3 ribbon of words spelling “Family, Loyalty, Ambition”, something he felt really strongly about through his life.  Tragically Jahvaun Carriere passed away September 27, 2014, two weeks after he put in the trademark information for the brand. His death sparked a motivation and drive in me to work harder than ever for us both, to finish the job we started and to keep his legacy alive forever. Dracarrj is more than just an average clothing brand, it’s a legacy.
Family, Loyalty, Ambition.